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CNBC Republican debate: One beacon of truth in a sea of Machiavellian mediocrity

What a pathetic group of candidates. In the one-on-one interviews afterword, Larry Kudlow asked Rudy Giuliani if he’d take a no new tax pledge. Giuliani talked in circles and wouldn’t commit. Only one candidate named specifics – Ron Paul. In fact, if Kudlow hadn’t cut him short I’m sure he would have named even more government programs suitable for the ax. What really floored me was how Stephen Moore – formerly with supposedly fiscally conservative and quasi-libertarian Cato – said he wasn’t a fan of Congressman Paul. Huh? Let me get this right – every candidate is your typical tax and spend Republicrat and Moore is criticizing the only one with a) a long track record of voting against spending and b) the courage to announce real spending and subsidy cuts. Moore is either a phony or I’m missing something.

It was clear during the debate every Republican and Democrat candidate wants politics as usual – i.e. to play Santa Claus. The only one willing to be Scrooge is Ron Paul.

Of course, the Mainstream Media minimalized Ron Paul and focused instead on the front runners. The headline from the WSJ read “Republicans Spar on Economy. Giuliani, Romney Argue Over Spending Records;Thompson Joins Fray.”

Seeing Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani spar over their tax cutting and spending restraint credentials is like watching two sumo wrestlers debate over who makes fewer trips to the desert table. There is only one candidate truly on a diet, Ron Paul. As these MSNBC polls indicate, the online audience is apparently smart enough to tell the difference:

Sadly, there is little such hope for the MSM.

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